VETS Initiative

SHRM-Atlanta is proud to sponsor VETs – Veterans Employment Team  initiative. SHRM-Atlanta's VETs goal is to assist 1,000 Veterans in returning to civilian employment in 2012.  

What Can We Do? 

SHRM-Atlanta is in a unique position to help Veterans return to work.  As Atlanta HR professionals, we can:

  • Leverage 2600+ chapter members who work in companies and organizations that need the skills, experience, discipline and service orientation that Veterans bring to work.
  • Prepare SHRM-Atlanta members to understand and successfully navigate a complex and fractured Veterans employment landscape which demands employers understand where to find talented Veterans, how to help “translate” military skills and talents into civilian jobs, and how to assist Veterans in finding the resources they need to successfully transition back to civilian life.  
  • Access broad networks of fellow HR professionals who we can work with to place Veterans in the right job the first time.
  • Utilize our skills to assist, mentor, coach and support Veterans during their transition.  

What does VETs Consist Of?

The VETS initiative offers several signature programs and resources to help Veterans and SHRM-Atlanta HR Professionals:

The Next Deployment Veterans Panel  

A professionally-produced video highlighting the SHRM-Atlanta panel on Veterans that was featured at the recent 22nd Annual SHRM-Atlanta HR Conference. This panel gives valuable information and insight to everyone interested in learning more about Veterans reemployment and Veterans issues. 


Our marquee program matches a SHRM-Atlanta HR professional with a career-seeking Veteran protégé. Mentors provide the assistance, coaching and support that Veterans need during transition.  Our desire is that mentors and protégés establish a long-term professional and personal relationship that is mutually beneficial and rewarding. Mentors are trained and supported by SHRM-Atlanta volunteers using SHRM-Atlanta and SHRM National resources. This mentor training and the Veterans reemployment resources will help SHRM Atlanta members become an even more valuable resource in their organization.  


This initiative has one objective: to provide real career opportunities for Veterans.  We will measure our efforts by the number of Veterans who we assist in successfully making the transition into a civilian career.  The SHRM-Atlanta Board of Directors is asking every members’ organization or company to hire at least one Veteran during 2012.  Throughout the year, we will track and recognize those member organizations who have demonstrated their commitment by hiring a Veteran.  If your company has hired a military veteran during 2012, please click here to enter the information and help us reach our goal! 

Who Are We? 

The goals of VETs can only be met by a dedicated group of SHRM-Atlanta members who have volunteered their time and talents to this critical initiative. The core team is supported by numerous volunteers who provide mentoring, help with job fairs or complete other tasks in support of the initiative.  VETs core team members are:

  • Stuart Smith, Co-Team Leader, Stuart Smith and Associates, Professional Facilitation Services.  Infantry Non-commissioned Officer, US Army 1986-1992
  • John Kalusa, Co-Team Leader, Scientific Games International, Director, HR & Talent Acquisition.  Rescue Swimmer Non-commissioned Officer US Navy 1983-2010
  • Derrick Hall, Mentor-A-Veteran Program Leader, Power Alliance LLC - Principal 
  • Robyn Brennaman, Hire-A-Veteran Program Leader, Lucas Group, Sr. Executive Search Consultant
  • Dominic Arcaroli, Welcome Home Event Leader, Manager of Local Accounts, Keller Center for Corporate Learning, DeVry University 

Help us build our resources to get Veterans hired now!

If you have links to information or sites that would be helpful to HR professionals in interviewing, hiring, or mentoring veterans, please send that information as well to be evaluated for placement here.

  • Does your company hire Veterans and use a job board? 
    If your company has job openings, and would give preference to US military Veterans, we will post a link to your job board here.  (Not generic job boards, only company-specific job boards).
  • Know a Great Website to Find US Military Veterans?
    If you know of military or Veterans career websites where companies can post jobs, or search resumes of veterans, etc., please send them to us so we can share with our members!
  • Are you a recruiter who places US Military Veterans (for a fee)?
    Any recruiter or staffing agency who specializes in placing Veterans may submit a link to their website to be placed here (no charge for placing the link).

Addtional Resources for Veterans, Family Members and SHRM-Atlanta HR Professionals

  • Make the Connection Connecting Veterans and their friends and family members with information, resources, and solutions to issues affecting their health, well-being, and everyday lives.
  • National Veteran Owned Business Association NaVOBA’s Mission is simple: to create opportunities for all of America’s veteran-owned businesses.
  • The Mission Continues The Mission Continues challenges veterans to serve and lead in communities across America. Many veterans struggle to find the same purpose at home as they found in the mission, camaraderie and structure of the military. The Mission Continues does not offer charity; rather, it challenges returning service members to utilize their tremendous skills and leadership to continue serving our country at home.


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