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HR Bootcamp

9:30am – 10:30am: Managing Employee Attendance and Leaves of Absences

Speaker: Tracy Moon, Partner, Fisher Phillips

Are you looking to gain a better understanding of the interaction between the FMLA, ADA and workers’ compensation laws? Understanding the way these laws work together will help you manage employee leaves and minimize exposure to costly litigation.

Learning Objectives:

  • How paid time off applies to different scenarios under the FMLA, ADA and workers’ compensation laws.
  • Light duty accommodation issues under the FMLA, ADA and workers’ compensation laws
  • Important distinctions and similarities between work-related injuries under workers’ compensation laws, serious health conditions under the FMLA, and disabilities or potential disabilities under the ADA.
  • What medical documentation employees must provide their employers under the FMLA, ADA and workers’ compensation laws.
  • Important strategies for avoiding or minimizing liability.

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Tracy MoonTracy L. Moon, Jr., is a partner in the Atlanta office of Fisher & Phillips LLP. Since 1993, he has represented employers in successfully solving employment and labor issues arising in the workplace. He spends much of his time counseling and training employers regarding compliance with employment and labor laws, rules and regulations, how to avoid workplace problems and prevent lawsuits. In this regard, Tracy conducts on-site compliance inspections and in-house management training programs. His experience includes representation of employers before federal and state trial and appellate courts, and in arbitrations and mediations in employment and labor law matters. Tracy also represents employers in administrative proceedings before the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, the Department of Labor, OSHA, OSH Review Commission, the National Labor Relations Board and other federal and state agencies. He prepares all of the documents associated with employment, including employee handbooks, employment contracts, business ethics and confidentiality agreements, non-competition and non-solicitation agreements, and severance agreements. He also advises employers on both federal and state OSHA-related issues, including compliance, prevention, and accident, injury and death cases. Tracy is an OSHA General Industry Outreach Trainer authorized to conduct 10- and 30-hour General Industry training. He regularly speaks to business and professional associations and business groups, including chambers of commerce. Tracy has written numerous articles on a wide variety of employment and labor law subjects.

11:00am – 12:00pm: Managing a Successful Career in Human Resources

Speaker: Randy Patterson, Chief Human Resources Officer, BlueLinx

HR professionals are often too busy focusing their time and energy developing the careers of others to effectively develop and manage their own careers. This might remind you of the near 500 year-old saying, “The cobbler’s children often go without shoes”. Randy will challenge you to take a moment to reflect on your career plan as he shares insights on his top 10 components of an effective HR career plan to improve your work performance, career decisions, and ultimately the quality of your life. Objectives of this session will include the following:

Learning Objectives:

  • Establish a comprehensive foundation and strategy for a achieving a career-long sense of well-being, success and happiness.
  • Identify the knowledge and perspective it will take to improve your performance and grow your career.
  • Understand how to leverage and harness what motivates and inspires you to make critical decisions regarding your career.

Randy_PattersonRandy Patterson serves as the Chief Human Resources Officer for BlueLinx, a leading distributor of building products in North America, from their headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia. In this role, Randy has enterprise-wide responsibility for the organization's human capital strategy, including compensation, talent management, organizational design, organizational effectiveness, benefits, payroll, labor relations and organizational development. Randy has also served in various other HR leadership roles throughout his career with several leading organizations in Atlanta, including SunTrust Bank and The Home Depot. Randy holds a bachelor's degree in business management and a master's degree in business administration from Georgia State University in Atlanta.

1:45pm – 2:45pm: Documentation, Discipline & Discharge - Doing It the Right Way

Speaker: Evan Rosen, Principal, Jackson Lewis, P.C.

Every HR professional is taught early on about the importance of documenting personnel decisions. But when is it appropriate to document something? Does it matter how the documentation is worded? This interactive presentation will cover best practices for documenting and disciplining employees. It will also address best practices for conducting a termination meeting, and post-termination issues, such as securing confidential information and severance agreements.

Learning Objectives:

  • Identify when to document personnel decisions
  • Understand what to include in documentation and how to word it so that documentation does not cause more harm than good
  • Identify best practices for conducting a termination meeting.

Evan RosenEvan Rosen is a Principal in the Atlanta office of Jackson Lewis, P.C. He is a labor & employment litigator and counselor who is committed to the maxim, “don’t tell me what I can’t do, tell me how I can legally do want I want to do.” He approaches the law from a compliance and liability perspective, but is also keenly sensitive to the business realities facing companies. Evan’s practice primarily encompasses five key areas:

  1. Defending companies against discrimination, harassment, retaliation, wage hour, breach of contract, Fair Credit Reporting Act, and wrongful termination administrative charges and lawsuits.
  2. Counseling companies on a wide range of employment policies and practices, including for example, hiring, background checks, discipline and discharge, leaves of absence, reasonable accommodation under the ADA, wage and hour issues and other workplace policies. Evan is a pioneer in creating and conducting simulation-based training programs for managers, which has received high accolades from participates.
  3. Drafting agreements and policies, such as employment agreements, separation agreements, employee handbooks, independent contractor agreements, purchase and sale agreements, staffing service agreements, and other employment policies.
  4. Helping companies manage their relationship with unions by working to keep company’s union-free, spearheading the defense of union election campaigns, negotiating collective bargaining agreements, and defending companies against unfair labor practice charges and grievances.
  5. Serving as an impartial, registered mediator to assist parties in resolving their legal disputes.

3:00pm – 4:00pm: The Critical Importance of Situational Awareness: HR’s Role in Workplace Violence Prevention

Speaker: Terri Howard, Senior Director, FEI Behavioral Health

Recent violent events have led many of us to ask, “Am I safe where I work, shop or go to school?” As HR professionals, the question takes on even greater urgency as we consider our responsibility to create a workplace where employees feel as safe as possible, and are equipped to deal with the unthinkable. This interactive workshop will increase your own situational awareness while providing a foundation for integrating a higher level of safety into your organization’s culture.

Learning Objectives:

  • To increase overall understanding of situational awareness and personal safety from an HR perspective.
  • To provide practical guidance on responding to an active shooter situation.
  • To provide a starting point for integrating a higher level of situational awareness into your organization’s culture.

Terri HowardTerri Howard has expertise in manager consults, coaching and training and is responsible for managing many large EAP/Crisis accounts for FEI. She is responsible for coordinating the people support and psychological first aid services for those impacted by a crisis. Over the years she has contributed to several international standards and guidelines on crisis management and workplace violence prevention, including ASIS and the FBI. Prior to her tenure with FEI, Terri served as Vice President for the Crisis Prevention Institute and focused on crisis management and workplace violence prevention. During her tenure at CPI, Terri assessed the needs of hundreds of companies in regards to policy development, best practice, and training. In addition, she had developed and facilitated training in this area for companies around the globe. Previously, Howard worked for Target Corporation and led a team responsible for incident management, crisis response and business continuity. In addition, she led the SafeCity initiative – a retail/residential effort aimed at reducing local crime through partnership, technology and support. Over the years she has contributed to several international standards and guidelines on crisis management and workplace violence prevention, including ASIS and the FBI. She has spoken at numerous conferences and conducted webinars as well. She completed undergraduate school at Chatham University and attended both Pennsylvania State and Marquette University for Graduate Study (Community Psychology) and is currently pursuing a doctorate degree in Emergency Management Leadership.