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Talent Acquisition & Management

Searching for the Unicorn: An Employer Guide to Hiring and Retaining Military Talent

Colonel Charles Hodges Jr., Senior Director for Events and Programs, US Chamber of Commerce – Hiring Our Heroes (Alpharetta, GA)

Tuesday | 3:30 - 4:30 PM | Ballroom B

Come hear Colonel (Retired) Chuck Hodges, director of the US Chamber of Commerce Foundation’s “Hiring Our Heroes” organization, share his observations and views on the state of military transition and veteran hiring practices. His fun, entertaining and insightful presentation will make you laugh while providing attendees valuable knowledge on how to find, hire, on-board and retain military talent. His personal experience involves a recent transition from leading a nationally recognized transition services program as the commander of Joint Base Lewis McChord in Washington to running one the largest non-profits focused on military veteran and spouse employment. This familiarity with military-to-civilian transition gives him a unique perspective from both sides of the equation. Listen to his first-hand experience from 27 years of military service and how transition support has evolved to better prepare service members and military spouses to embark on new careers and how you, the human resource professional, can take advantage of the opportunity to gain highly qualified team members who will help your organization to excel.

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand the military veteran and spouse market.
  • Understand the top barriers in identifying, hiring and retaining veteran talent.
  • Know where to find military talent.
  • Learn about national emerging opportunities to on-board military talent.
  • Understand key strategies for retention.

Charles Hodges is the current senior director at Hiring Our Heroes (HOH). He joined Hiring Our Heroes after serving in the U.S. Army for 27 years. He is responsible for planning, resourcing and execution of nearly 100 events nationally and internationally focused entirely on veteran and military spouse employment. In addition to the execution of military summits, sports expos, and military spouse and wounded veteran and caregiver events, he runs the education of and fellowship program for employers, veterans and service members. Before joining HOH in September 2015, he was the commander of Joint Base Lewis McChord (2012-2015) in Washington, the home of 139,000 service members, family and retirees. There he ran what was described as “the most innovative and robust transition services program in the Department of Defense.” This program supported nearly 8,000 service members and spouses transitioning out of the military each year. The program is credited for embracing the 2012 Veterans Opportunity to Work (VOW) Act and creating numerous career skills programs that are now being implemented across the nation. Mr. Hodges holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science and a Master’s Degree in Instructional Systems Design from the University of Central Florida; a Master’s Degree in Communications from American University in Washington D.C; and a Master’s Degree in Strategic Studies from the United States Army War College.

Transforming Performance — Abandoning Performance Reviews and Ratings and Focusing on What Really Matters to Employees

Maureen Whatley, Vice President – Global Talent Management and Acquisition, Alere Inc. (Roswell, GA)

Wednesday | 10:30 - 11:30 AM | Ballroom A

Breaking old habits isn't easy. But when a system isn’t working, it’s time for a change. Alere’s approach to improving performance meant transformational change across the company. Listen to Maureen Whatley, the company's global head of talent management and talent acquisition, as she explains how Alere abandoned its performance management process and ditched the rating scale, for a better practice focused on engaging employees to do their best performance.

Learning Objectives:

  • How to avoid the pitfalls when reinventing a performance system.
  • How to measure success in a system without ratings.
  • How to create an engaging experience for your employees.

Maureen Whatley’s career spans twenty years of developing high-performance organizations through human capital initiatives that improve leadership, culture, employee engagement and performance. At Alere, Maureen leads global talent management and talent acquisition which includes learning and development, learning technology solutions and talent acquisition impacting more than 10,000 employees spanning 100 locations in 36 countries. Maureen has led the complete transformation of Alere’s performance practice, designing and implementing a new practice eliminating formal performance reviews and ending the use of rating scales. Instead, employees focus on what matters most. Maureen is often asked to speak about culture evolution, the impact of culture on performance, reinventing performance management, why employee engagement matters, leadership effectiveness and leadership competencies that lead to growth. Before joining Alere, Maureen was vice president of client relations at Lee Hecht Harrison delivering talent management and career development services to Fortune 1000 companies. Prior to LHH, Maureen worked in the staffing business assisting hundreds of companies with recruiting, onboarding and retention challenges. For seven years Maureen has chaired and facilitated an elite HR Leadership roundtable called the HR Leader Think Tank, is a member of the Atlanta HR Leadership Forum and has held a number of leadership roles with SHRM National and SHRM-Atlanta.

Creating a Hollywood Style Employer Brand

Alex Putman, Founder & CEO, MUZE (Buford, GA) 

Wednesday | 10:30 - 11:30 AM | Ballroom B

Employer branding has always been a part of corporate culture, but in the past few years has evolved from a passive character to the dynamic focal point of talent attraction and employee engagement. New media and technology have transformed communication between companies and people, creating a deeper and more authentic dialogue throughout the “people process”. Marketing is the new human resource. Organizations have the ability to create web-based commercials and disseminate to millions of people with a single click. Posting a job is evolving to community building where two-way conversations are encouraged and desirable. Hollywood is globally synonymous with creating visually appealing stories and telling them in memorable and compelling ways. Reliability and imagination are critical in the creation of the employer brand, while marketing your story is similar to a red carpet experience. 

Learning Objectives: 

  • How technology and new media such as social networks, talent community platforms, mobile and the web have given new life the company story.
  • How to think like marketing for the talent attraction process.
  • How to create an employer brand with video and promote internally and externally. 
  • Learn tools to utilize for developing internal engagement (mobile apps) and talent pipelines. 

Alex Putman is an entrepreneur, author, speaker and modern day digital storyteller. After years of building global talent acquisition and employer branding teams for Fortune 500 through start-ups he started MUZE, a recruitment marketing and employer branding agency. His passion for marketing and people engagement are obvious during the many keynotes and presentations delivered globally. He currently serves as the EVP of Marketing for SHRM-Atlanta and sits on the advisory board for the Strategic Recruitment Summit. He has been interviewed and quoted by several media outlets including: Atlanta Business Chronicle, Atlanta Journal Constitution, Workforce Magazine, Dice.com, Monster.com and Talent Management Magazine. His book, Size Matters, discusses how to build a personal brand with social media and utilize in the job search. A graduate of The University of Alabama with a Bachelor’s of Science in Marketing and minor in Public Relations he currently lives in Atlanta, GA with his family.

The Power of Millennial Alignment

Jamie Notter, Founding Partner, WorkXO, LLC (Washington, D.C.) 

Wednesday | 2:00 --3:00 PM | Ballroom A

It's time we change the conversation about Millennials—from one of complaining, to one of curiosity and learning—because when we do, we uncover the tremendous power that exists when we align our organizations with where the Millennial generation is already heading. In this session, Jamie explores research from his latest book (When Millennials Take Over) that illustrates the more important role Millennials play as decoders of the key changes that are happening in the business world today. Citing case studies from organizations that have cracked the code on both performance and employee engagement, Jamie will explore the four key capacities organizations need to succeed in this new normal and how to build them inside your organization, attracting Millennials as both employees and customers along the way. 

Learning Objectives: 

  • Understand what shapes the Millennial generation and how that will impact their behavior and expectations in the workplace.
  • Identify four internal capacities organizations need to be successful in the Millennial era.
  • Develop practical strategies for shifting organizational cultures in a direction that will make sense to both Millennial employees and Millennial customers.

Jamie Notter began his career in the international conflict resolution field, running training programs in areas of ethnic conflict in the 1990s. He transitioned into organizational work, initially as a diversity trainer and consultant, and later leading his own management consulting practice, where he specialized in helping systems work through their most difficult conversations. In the end, he realized that it all came back to culture, so that is his focus today. Before founding WorkXO with Maddie Grant and Charlie Judy in 2016, Jamie worked with Maddie at Culture That Works LLC. Jamie and Maddie have written two books together (When Millennials Take Over, and Humanize), and Jamie continues to love blogging, even though it’s passé. An accomplished and sought-after keynote speaker, Jamie carries a master’s in conflict resolution from George Mason University, and a Certificate in Organization Development from Georgetown, where he serves as adjunct faculty. 

0-300 in 6 months – Safety, Speed and Elegance

Lars Minns, Head of Talent Acquisition, Mercedes Benz USA (Sandy Springs, GA) 

Wednesday | 3:30 - 4:30 PM | Ballroom B

Learn how Mercedes Benz USA, the luxury automaker, once based in Montvale, NJ, relocated to Atlanta, rehired 60% of its headquarters workforce and maintained a record performance in 2015. Lars details the intense focus on the importance of maintaining the brand, reestablishing the culture and the need for speed. MBUSA shares valuable insight on how traditional talent acquisition practices can and should be melded with cutting edge technology and trends.. 

Learning Objectives: 

  • How technology and new media such as social networks, talent community platforms, mobile and the web have given new life the company story.
  • Overview of how we did it.
  • The importance of fundamentals and metrics. 
  • The use of technology and how the marketplace responded. 

Lars N. Minns is currently the head of talent acquisition for Mercedes Benz USA and joined the company in March 2015. He leads the organization in designing, implementing and executing talent acquisition strategies that directly align with the company’s strategic objectives for the sales, marketing, and distribution of passenger cars in the United States. He and his team have played a pivotal role in the successful onboarding of close to 300 new employees since his arrival – the largest 8 month hiring the company has experienced in its 50+ year history. Prior to joining MBUSA, he served as the senior manager of talent acquisition for The Home Depot’s At Home Services commonly referred to as the “Do it For Me” business. He led his team in executing talent acquisition strategies for the company’s fastest growing business segment. Lars is a sought after presenter and facilitator and spends considerable time communicating the importance of cultivating the right talent for business success. He is a current board member of Page Turners make Great Learners. Lars earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management from Hampton University in Hampton, VA.

Five Voices of a Team

Jeremie Kubicek, CEO & Co-Founder, GiANT Worldwide (Oklahoma City, OK)

Wednesday | 3:30 - 4:30 PM | Room 103

In the Five Voices of a Team presentation, I will display how we have created a much simpler methodology for helping teams understand what it sounds like to be on the other side of themselves. We have taken nature, nurture and choice and have created a format that helps people order their voices from either the pioneer, connector, guardian, creative or nurturer. Each voice also has a weapons system that defend themselves that is imperative to understand. In this fun and interactive session, you will not only discover your voice, but quickly understand how your voice can help a team and where it might bring challenge and discord. The presentation ends with a focus on how to communicate with and lead each voice appropriately inside a team construct.

Learning Objectives:

  • The attendee will discover what it sounds like to be on the other side of them.
  • They will learn what weapons they tend to use in everyday work environments.
  • They will understand how to lead a team more effectively by understanding their voice.

Jeremie Kubicek is a pioneering entrepreneur, global speaker and best-selling author of Making Your Leadership Come Alive; co-author of the 5 Gears, How to Be Present and Productive when there is Never Enough Time and the latest book, 5 Voices, How to Communicate Effectively With Everyone You Lead. Jeremie is responsible for creation of the global leadership simulcast, Leadercast, as well as the national growth of the next generation leadership events, the Catalyst Conference. He has led national leadership campaigns for John Maxwell and Dr. Henry Cloud as well as launching culture changing programs within Ford Motor Company, Aflac and many other companies around the globe. Jeremie currently is CEO of GiANT Worldwide. This global leadership company has figured out a way to connect with cynical/task driven adults by creating a common language through visual tools in a multiplication process to radically spread effective leadership to 90% of an organization. He and his wife have three kids and have lived in Atlanta, London and Oklahoma City.