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HR Bootcamp

Navigating Employee Relations: The Art of Feedback

Amy Balog, ConnexionPoint Services LLC

Feedback – some call it an art, some call it a science, and some just don’t like giving or receiving it! Effective feedback can be very powerful, but for many organizations, feedback is often one of the most elusive and difficult practices to create and sustain. Yes, the feedback process requires some effort. And it can feel awkward at first. However, the career benefits of delivering specific and meaningful feedback far outweigh the challenges. Whether you are coaching a peer, a teammate, or even a senior executive, having a consistent approach to positive and developmental feedback is critical to your confidence and success.

Get comfortable with feedback in this powerful two-hour interactive workshop where you will engage with peers, practice delivering feedback, and share ideas on how to guide others to more effective feedback.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Identify specific elements of great (and not-so-great) feedback
  2. Practice delivering great feedback through key preparation, thoughtful dialogue, invested follow on
  3. Review how to be an effective guide for your business partners as their feedback coach

SHRM Competencies: Communication, Leadership & Navigation, HR Expertise

Amy Balog is the founder of ConnexionPoint Services, LLC, a leadership and executive coaching firm with a unique focus to help leaders and teams "lead from center" in the face of constant disruption. Over the last decade, Amy has worked with numerous Fortune 500 and rapid growth technology clients committed to leading edge of leadership and talent growth.

Amy designed a comprehensive coaching approach that allows leaders to define their Center, their deepest place of calm, clarity and conviction. Through advanced feedback practices, the ConnextionPoint approach helps leaders assess what they are in the center of to elevate talent, thinking, and dialogue. Additionally, ConnextionPoint leverages top industry talent assessments, emotional intelligence tools, organizational readiness insights, and healthy teaming methods.

Amy is currently working on her first book, “Lead From your Center: What It Means to Lead with Intention in Disruptive Times.”