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Leading Business

Overcoming Resistance to Change When Everything’s Urgent

Brandon Smith, The Workplace Therapist

Change is happening today at a pace never experienced in the modern workplace. From technology disruptions to generational and cultural diversity, change is around every corner. And yet, people are the same as they always have been — highly resistant to change. In this session, Brandon discusses how today’s leader needs to master the power of storytelling, energy, urgency, and authentic relationships to lead people into the future.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Describe the importance of urgency and identify the right form and proper amount of urgency to stimulate change
  2. Identify specific components of trust and methods to enhance your own “trust-ability”
  3. Define the principles of energy management and inspiration (the power of your story) to maintain momentum and trust with your team

SHRM Competencies: Leadership & Navigation, Communication, Relationship Management

Brandon Smith is a highly sought-after expert who combines humor, research and practical steps to help audiences overcome some of the biggest challenges facing workplaces today. Known as “The Workplace Therapist,” he’s been interviewed by NPR, Fox News, The New York Post, The Wall Street Journal, and the Today Show for his leadership and communication expertise. He’s created one of the foremost online resources for professionals trying to make the most of their work and is the host of the podcast “The Brandon Smith Show.” When he isn’t out fighting workplace dysfunction, he is an award-winning business instructor at Emory University. He lives to cure workplace dysfunction and set leaders and workplaces free.

Aligning HR Capabilities with Business Strategy

Dan King

This is a provocative discussion on the topic of how HR must evolve and adapt to be the catalyst for business strategy execution. According to Harvard Business Review, most companies achieve only 60% of their strategic intent. HR can be the difference maker. There is a significant opportunity to show business leaders the path to superb execution through effective talent management, team formation and performance discipline. We will examine the common barriers HR leaders face when attempting to evolve the HR function to drive business strategy execution and will present a step by step framework to align HR with business imperatives.

Learning Objectives:

  1. We will present a compelling case why HR needs to be the catalyst for business growth and strategy execution within any organization
  2. Attendees will have a clear understanding and identification of the barriers that hold HR back from guiding the organization's strategy execution efforts
  3. Attendees will be presented with the 5 steps to align HR capabilities with business strategy and will be able to develop their personal transformation plan
  4. An ability to objectively evaluate the current HR capability set in the context of business strategy
  5. A personalized road map to evolve HR to be aligned with the growth imperatives of the business

SHRM Competencies: Business Acumen, Leadership & Navigation, Consulting

Dan is an adviser to senior executives and boards in the areas of business transformation, strategy and talent. He helps business leaders objectively evaluate organizational competence in the context of the vision and strategic direction to achieve growth goals. Dan’s passion is to help create environments that foster both business and personal growth. He believes that no business can win until the people doing the work every day are winning. His 30-year business career includes senior executive roles in Fortune 50 companies and high growth mid-market enterprises, the most recent being a venture backed consumer services company recognized by Inc. Magazine as one of the fastest-growing companies five out of seven years. Dan is a published author of “The Scorecard Solution…Measure What Matters to Drive Sustainable Growth” and is a frequent speaker at CEO forums. He resides in Atlanta, Georgia.

Project Management Skills for the Everyday Leader

Dana Brownlee, Professionalism Matters, Inc.

Have you ever been tasked with the seemingly impossible project, frustrated by a less-than-motivated team member, or dealt with workplace miscommunication? Have you ever felt like you were being pulled on by internal stakeholders with different personalities and interests? Your title may not include “project manager” but you ARE managing projects and the challenges that come with them.

Today's HR leaders are being asked to do more with less in increasingly challenging workplace environments. If your responsibilities include hiring a new team, documenting a process, organizing a team event, or even completing appraisals, you will benefit from project management skills. In this interactive session, engage with your peers and learn foundational project management skills that can easily be applied to enhance your leadership ability.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Describe the benefits of using a project charter and scope analysis to align stakeholders before the project begins
  2. Discuss best practices to enhance team communications
  3. Review the three magic questions of task assignment
  4. Identify techniques to effectively handle the team slacker

SHRM Competencies:  Business Acumen

A dynamic, energetic, results-oriented facilitator and corporate trainer, Dana Brownlee specializes in facilitating training workshops that engage participants and provide them tips and techniques they can begin using immediately.

Ms. Brownlee founded Professionalism Matters, Inc. a boutique professional development training company in 2003. Her company provides customized training and consulting in the areas of project management, meeting facilitation, team building, and communications. In 2009, her company launched its e-store, which currently features two cutting-edge meeting facilitation training DVDs produced by Ms. Brownlee's company – "Are You Running a Meeting...or Drowning in Chaos?" and "5 Secrets to Virtually Cut Your Meeting Time in Half!” She is a highly-regarded speaker and author, consistently speaking to audiences around the country and beyond.

Prior to founding Professionalism Matters, Ms. Brownlee worked as an IBM-certified Business Strategy Consultant, a Strategy Consultant with EMC Corporation, and a Project Manager with AT&T.

Impacting Employees and Executives Through HR Technology

Jamie Chambers, SPHR, SHRM-SCP, EPIC Insurance

Today’s HR technology landscape is vastly different than just 10 years ago. With the evolution of cloud-based technology and the rapid deployment, lower costs and real-time data that it offers, most companies are taking a hard look at their HR technology strategy and evaluating their options.

Join us for a lively discussion on what it means to truly leverage HR technology to strategically impact the business.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Explain how HR technology can affect engagement at various levels throughout the organization
  2. Identify the decision points to consider when developing/improving your HR technology strategy
  3. Recognize what is important to employees and decision-makers when it comes to HR information

SHRM Competencies: HR Expertise, Business Acumen

Jamie Chambers is the national Director of HR Technology Solutions for EPIC Insurance and his team supports clients with human resource projects involving the search, selection and implementation of new HR technology systems, process evaluation and best practices, and implementations and integrations. Jamie is a subject matter expert in HR technology systems with in-depth knowledge of the HR technology provider community. He has supported many clients through the search and implementation process of new HR technology systems, and has experience as a certified implementation partner for a nationally recognized HR technology provider.

Jamie was formerly a VP of HR for 12 years. He received a BBA degree from Texas Tech University and obtained his SPHR in 2007. He is an active member of SHRM and former member and Board member of HR Houston.