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Leading Self

Using Emotional Intelligence to Become Compellingly Influential

Dr. Kym Harris, Your SweetSpot Coaching | Consulting

A leader's ability to influence spurs innovation and drives an organization's competitive advantage. Relationships characterized by an exchange of empathy, humility, humor, and genuine warmth deepen the connections that fuel influence. These are the qualities that embody strong emotional intelligence; and encourage collaborative partnerships which stimulate insight building and perspective shifting. Emotional intelligence is the cornerstone of influence and the associated skills lay the foundation for quality relationships with peers, colleagues, customers, and key stakeholders. 

Learning Objectives:

  • Review how to assess the needs of key stakeholders
  • Examine the components of the Trust Equation and evaluate their role in building trust
  • Review tools of Conversational Intelligence that provide a formula for effectively addressing conflict and techniques to facilitate conversations that help explore and develop the ideas of others

SHRM Competencies: Relationship Management, Leadership & Navigation

Dr. Kym A. Harris partners with organizations, leaders, and individual clients to strengthen leadership capability and cultivate relationships that enhance a leader's ability to influence, collaborate, motivate, and lead. Dr. Harris helps clients understand the importance of balancing results with authentic relationships and builds the skills necessary to act on that understanding. Dr. Harris is a board-certified coach with expertise in emotional intelligence and career management strategies.  Dr. Harris' 27-year career in HR and Talent Development represent leadership and executive roles in higher education (University of Miami and Emory University), and corporate organizations (The Home Depot and Cox Enterprises). She holds a Bachelor's degree in Psychology from Rutgers University, a Master's degree in Business Administration with a concentration in HRM from Nova Southeastern University, and a Doctorate degree in Organizational Leadership from Argosy University.

Cultivating Influence: How to Build Your Credibility, Establish Strategic Relationships & Influence Organizational Decision Making

Mary White, MTI Business Solutions

No matter what role you have in the organization, we are all leaders. We engage and collaborate with teams and at times need to be influential without positional authority. Your ability to influence is essential to be seen as an effective leader and puts you in a position to make a strategic impact within your organization.

People who can influence others –  without formal authority –  can distinguish themselves professionally and elevate their career to formal leadership. If you're ready to take your career to the next level, it's time to develop your skills to influence. Discover key factors to help you become a professional with influence and commit to cultivating skills that will position you as a strategic business partner.

Learning Objectives:

  • Explain the difference between influence and authority and how influence can be more powerful
  • Identify specific behaviors that hinder your ability to be viewed as an influential member of the organization
  • Identify and implement specific strategies for improving influence

SHRM Competencies: Relationship Management, Leadership & Navigation, Communication

Mary Gormandy White is Director of Talent Development and co-owner of MTI Business Solutions, a leading Gulf Coast-based corporate training/talent development firm working with clients throughout the United States. She specializes in training and consulting services related to HR, management, leadership, communication, team building, employee selection, Everything DiSC, Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team, PXT Select, Six Sigma and more.

Mary holds graduate and undergraduate degrees in Communication. Her certifications include Senior Professional in Human Resources (SPHR), SHRM Senior Certified Professional (SHRM-SCP) and Everything DiSC Certified Trainer/Accredited Workplace Facilitator. She is an instructor for SHRM-SCP certification prep courses and previously taught PHR/SPHR certification prep courses.

Mary's professional background includes extensive experience in management, HR, instructional design and communication. She is a frequent keynote speaker at conferences and association meetings nationwide.

Ethical Self Awareness – Why Do You Need This?

Perry Tomlinson

Acting ethically is the right thing to do, but it's not always easy. Often, conforming to a high standard of conduct is not about clear-cut right and wrong decisions, but choosing the "lesser of two evils." Some decisions require that you prioritize and choose between competing ethical values and principles.

Join this introspective session to learn more about Ethical Self-Awareness and why it is so important for development. We will review an Ethical Lens Inventory (ELI) giving you the opportunity to learn about the gift of your ethical perspective, your potential blind spots, double standards, and techniques to achieve ethical maturity.

Learning Objectives:

  • Compare and contrast different ethical perspectives
  • Recognize the ethical perspective of others
  • Explain how your ethical perspective can shape your decisions and impact your communication and leadership effectiveness

SHRM Competencies: Ethical Practice, Leadership & Navigation

Perry Tomlinson is a retired Regional President and Senior Leadership Team member of BB&T Corporation. His professional accomplishments and passion with coaching are centered in sales, client service, cultural transformation and cultural leadership development

Since his retirement in 2013, Perry has served as a charter Board member and Executive Consultant with the BB&T Center for Ethical Leadership at the University of North Georgia. Perry has been instrumental in developing the Building Ethical Leaders (BEL) workshop. He also co-created the Ethical Culture Indicator (ECI), which incorporates employee engagement surveys with ethical climate feedback for organizations and businesses. From this platform, Perry has provided consulting services to facilitate changes in the ethical climate of organizations.

Perry's Leadership Consulting experience includes major corporations, local school districts, county governments and universities. Perry has been a featured speaker on the topics of "Building Ethical Cultures, Exploring the Ethical Self, and Values Based Leadership.”

Lead Intentionally: Becoming the Totally Responsible Person

Barbara Leahy & Rachel Lin, Life-Long Leadership, Inc.

Are you prepared to leave the legacy you want to leave? In this provocative session, we will explore the impact of your leadership mindset. Have you ever thought or said something like – “If it weren’t for you, I could get my job done,” or, “Can you believe what he/she said/did to me?” This kind of thinking can be interpreted as a victim mentality and can be detrimental to productive personal and professional relationships. Becoming the Totally Responsible Person is a mindset shift that will help you see each situation as an opportunity for learning and growth.

Engage with us as we explore the pitfalls of a victim mentality, identify situational triggers, and learn how to reframe our mindset to stay positive, productive, and effective no matter the circumstances.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Identify the victim mentality in myself and others and understand the consequences of being "stuck" in that mindset
  2. Practice awareness – move from the victim mentality to an ownership mindset
  3. Reframe situations to be opportunities for learning and growth (OFLAG Principle)

SHRM Competencies: Relationship Management, Communication

Barbara Leahy has been engaged in Leadership Development for 25 years. She excels when coaching, working with teams, training, and working with clients helping them be the best version of themselves.

As VP of Client Development for Life-Long Leadership since 2006, Barbara works with organizations such as Chick-fil-A, OOBE, and other Atlanta companies. She develops and facilitates leadership development programs and one-on-one leadership coaching. Barbara is Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) certified and uses tools like StrengthsFinder as part of the self-awareness process.

Barbara spent 12 years in The Home Depot's corporate human resources and training departments performing various human resources roles focused on leading, growing and developing talent. Barbara then founded Leahy Group, a training and development firm. Barbara graduated from Kennesaw State University with a Bachelor of Science in Business Communications. 

Rachel Lin joined Life-Long Leadership, Inc. as a Leadership Consultant in 2016. With a heart for people and a passion for learning, she loves spending time with clients investing in their own growth and teams who want to work more effectively together. As a leadership consultant, Rachel delivers development programs through facilitated team sessions, workshops, and one-on-one leadership coaching. She uses assessments like MBTI and StrengthsFinder to help clients better understand their talents, realize their leadership potential, and capitalize on their gifts.

Before joining Life-Long Leadership, Rachel spent seven years in the technology industry. She developed skills in marketing, project management, business development, and operations before serving as the Chief Operating Officer for a small technology startup. Rachel holds a Bachelor of Arts in Violin Performance and a dual Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and Linguistics from Emory University.