VETs Initiative: Finding Qualified Veterans
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Hire-A-Veteran Partners

SHRM-Atlanta members often find it challenging to find qualified veterans.  The following organizations have partnered with SHRM-Atlanta to help source qualified Veterans. 

Finding qualified Veterans: Federal, State and Military Resources

SHRM-Atlanta VETs recommends that SHRM members go directly to these organizations to find qualified Veterans.  The following organizationsā€™ primary mission is to serve veterans without cost to the veteran or companies seeking veterans.  The following organizations also have a complete understanding of veteran employment issues and are best suited to help HR professionals navigate the veterans employment landscape 


Finding Qualified Veterans or Opportunities for a Veteran ā€“ LinkedIn Resources

SHRM-Atlanta VETs has a LinkedIn webpage that veterans can use to post their LinkedIn profile.  SHRM-Atlanta members can find qualified veterans on this page 

Career Services for Companies and Veterans