Volunteer Opportunities

If you’re looking for an opportunity to make connections and help cultivate a community of HR professionals, consider volunteering with SHRM-Atlanta.

SHRM-Atlanta would not exist without our volunteers. Each volunteer brings a unique set of skills and vision to our organization that enriches it and bolsters our efforts. With every new volunteer, SHRM-Atlanta grows more energized, more diverse and inclusive, and better equipped to reach our common goal of furthering the HR profession.

Help SHRM-Atlanta thrive by becoming a volunteer. Learn more below and sign up today - we’d love to have you as part of the team!

Learn about the different ways you can volunteer with SHRM-Atlanta.

Wherever you are in your career - from student to retiree, and anywhere in between - SHRM-Atlanta offers countless opportunities to contribute your time and skills to help make an impact for the HR profession. Your contribution can span from a few hours  to a long-term leadership position.

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Do you want to learn or improve your leadership abilities? Are there skills you want to develop that could help in your career?  SHRM-Atlanta empowers our members through a variety of volunteer opportunities that encourage leadership and personal growth.  

Committee Positions
SHRM-Atlanta committees operate with more than 300 volunteers and are always looking to add new members to the team.  SHRM-Atlanta has 8 main areas in which you can get involved, with over 28 committees and teams: Professional Development; Member Relations; Organizational Effectiveness; Awards & Recognition; Workforce Readiness; Marketing & Brand Awareness; Business Development; and Special Programs.  


Leadership Positions (Chair/EVP)
Take your volunteering to the next level by becoming a Committee Chair or EVP. These leadership positions are an essential part of SHRM-Atlanta and help grow our organization and move toward unified goals.




Experience what it's like to get involved with SHRM-Atlanta before making a longer-term commitment by participating in "microvolunteering." Working on smaller projects is a great way to find opportunities that fit your interests and the time you have available.

Community Volunteering
Community Volunteering is a great way to use your talents to help SHRM-Atlanta support organizations in need within the metro-Atlanta community. Opportunities for community volunteerism include a few hours to a full day or volunteering for organizations like Junior Achievement, 21st Century Leaders, and more.


Event or Office Volunteering
SHRM-Atlanta offers opportunities that range from volunteer positions at events such as conferences, or office volunteering such as helping to organize materials and assemble mailers.




Leadership: Develop and enhance leadership skills. Many committee members work their way up to chair or EVP positions. The teamwork and leadership skills used in these committees help hone the skills employers value in their employees.


Networking & Connections: Work with other professionals to further chapter initiatives. Meet new people and work as a team to grow SHRM-Atlanta. You’ll make meaningful connections and develop lasting friendships.


Professional Development: Enhance your resume by becoming involved. Employers like to see involvement in the community and a commitment to your career. Our chapter can offer both in one resume statement.


Impact: Become part of the decision making process for SHRM-Atlanta. Have new ideas? We’d love to hear them. Talk to any of our Volunteer Leaders to see how you can get involved.