2011 March Career Connections
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Refocusing Your Job Search in the New Year
Tuesday, March 8, 2011 | 5:30pm - 7:30pm | Lee Hecht Harrison

In his 18 years in the career management business, Dave O'Farrell says some of the toughest clients he's worked with are salespeople, mar-com professionals, and HR managers. Surprisingly, many of these people have difficultly extolling their own virtues, crafting a tight message, and giving a good interview. "I've seen thousands of résumés and I know what a good résumé is supposed to look like," says the HR manager. O'Farrell replies, "Yes, you may recognize a good résumé, but it's not the same as writing one." There is a big difference between theory and practice. In this comprehensive and fast-paced presentation, O'Farrell will take you through five steps to help you refocus your job search in the New Year. In the midst of this economic storm, it's essential to step back and look at what is really important in job search. For instance, networking is the number one way professionals find new jobs, yet the average job seeker spends less than 20% of the time networking, even though he or she knows that networking produces up to 80% of the results. Imagine if job seekers networked 80% of the time!

O'Farrell will share the five keys that form the foundation of every successful campaign:

    How to deliver a clear, concise and powerful message that helps others help you.
    How to evaluate the effectiveness of your résumé and LinkedIn page.
    How to attack the job market using a strategic and balanced approach.
    How to differentiate yourself from other equally qualified candidates.
    How to leverage the most important 20 seconds in an interview. 

Speaker: Dave O'Farrell

Dave O'Farrell has dedicated most of his adult life helping others achieve their goals. Much of his time is devoted to helping others put their lives back together and get their careers back on track. He's been in the career management business for 18 years. He served seven years as a workshop trainer, individual career consultant, project manager, and national account manager with one of the world's three largest career management firms. Now he owns Atlanta's most effective career management firm, O'Farrell Career Management. Using a unique "Market-Ready in Minimum Time" process, clients report that O'Farrell Career Management can do in three days what it takes other firms three months to accomplish. And, they say, OCM is more comprehensive and more effective. O'Farrell volunteers much of his time leading the JobSeekers of Peachtree City ministry. In the past 11 years, 3600+ people have benefited from this nondenominational ministry, which meets every Friday morning at First Baptist Church in Peachtree City. He is also a co-chair (along with Paula Mason, HR director at the Hilton Atlanta Airport) of the SHRM Atlanta South GEM.