2012 July Career Connections
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Revealing The 5 Self-Restricting Job Search Approaches
Tuesday, July 10, 2012 | 5:30pm - 7:30pm | Atlanta Journal Constitution

When it comes to your approach in searching for a job, you want to restrict yourself as little as possible. However, most people end up (unknowingly) restricting themselves and put themselves into an ever tightening loop of activity that chokes the life out of their search. This is why so many people have given up in their job search and resigned themselves to the “reality that there are just no jobs out there”!

Nothing could be further from the truth – there are jobs out there, and people who are able to keep themselves from restricting their search, find them. It’s a matter of becoming aware of what these self-restricting approaches are and avoiding them. Unfortunately much of what the “common wisdom” is about how to approach a job search has self-restricting elements built right into it.

Come and learn from Greg Dillon what the 5 approaches are that may be restricting you from finding your next career position and get empowered to avoid them!

Speaker: Greg Dillon, Director of Business Development in Professional Education, Georgia Institute of Technology

Greg Dillon is currently the Director of Business Development in Professional Education at Georgia Tech. He has a Master’s degree in Training & Development from Leslie University in Cambridge, MA and over 25 years’ experience in sales, leadership and training & development (including 10 years in the full time ministry). Greg also has been deeply involved over the past 17 years’ helping individuals professionally and privately with all aspects of their career transitions and career development. Greg worked as a National Learning Manager for several years for Randstad USA (the world’s 2nd largest staffing company). He was the co-chair for the Career Connections Group for SHRM-Atlanta for 3 years and has spoken all over the country on various topics relating to leadership, training and career transition skills. Greg is in the process of writing a book on the secrets of effective job search and is also the owner of Greg Dillon Training & Consulting - a company which provides expertise to organizations around the hiring, onboarding and development of its workforce. In February of 2009 Greg and his wife Kathryn appeared on the cover of Fortune Magazine.

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