2013 June Chapter Meeting
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Connecting to Lead in an HR World
Wednesday, June 12, 2013  | 5:00pm - 7:30pm | Atlanta Marriott Century Center

In HR it’s all about our people, right?  Then why is it that we often feel disconnected from some of the very people we lead? Our speaker Jackie Martin will reveal the importance of forging strong connections on our teams and explain why relationship building and connecting should be a priority.   She’ll help us define what a strong connection looks/feels like and show us how to build rapport with those we feel disconnected from.  As a John Maxwell leadership trainer, Jackie will share simple, practical steps that we can practice daily to turn rapport into trusting, caring bonds.  Those connections and bonds build influence with those in our departments and anyone else in our lives.  That ability to influence others thus measures our ability to lead. You see, it’s all connected!

Speaker: Jackie Martin, Founding Circle Certified Trainer, Speaker, Coach, John Maxwell Team

Jackie Martin has always loved to lead, and to serve and to grow so it just made sense that she fell in love with author and leadership guru John Maxwell’s enthusiasm and passion for communication and leadership. When the opportunity came to be a part of his inner circle, she took it, by becoming one of the founding partners and certified trainers for the John Maxwell Group. Jackie is also the founder of A Matter of Motivation, where she is a speaker, trainer, personal coach and Chief Motivational Officer for those seeking to grow in their ability to connect and lead. In addition, she has provided community wide and corporation training sessions for the University of North Georgia’s Continuing Education department, Training Systems, Inc. and Kennesaw State University’s Continuing Education Department. These trainings keep her in front of many Fortune 500 clients where she continues to hone her skills and keep in touch with today’s ever-changing corporate landscape.
Jackie graduated from the University of Missouri’s prestigious School of Journalism where she parleyed her love for communication in broadcasting to speaking and training.