2014 SHRM-Atlanta Symposium - Nonprofit Track
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Agenda & Sessions

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Tuesday, August 26
9:30am - 10:30am
Employment Branding - Inside Out

Speaker: Valerie Kennerson, Vice President, Talent Attraction & Acquisition, American Cancer Society

Most of us know what our company brand is - but how many know how to leverage that for employment branding. Come and learn about the importance of Employment Branding; understand the health of your Employment Brand and how to leverage it for success in recruiting and retaining the talent your organization needs to succeed. Learn from a Global Talent Acquisition professional how to transfer and translate a company brand to an effective employment brand. As a practitioner in the field of Talent Acquisition for fortune 50 global companies as well as a leader in the nonprofit sector, Valerie will share actual examples of applying theory to action. This is a great practical session with takeaways to apply in your work tomorrow.

Learning Objectives:
1. Understand how a company brand and employment brand compare - what is the same and should be the same and what needs to be different
2. How to recruit and re-recruit with your brand as the central message
3. Building a brand in a frugal yet fabulous way - cost effective tips for branding your employment experience

10:45am - 11:45am
Skills-Based Volunteering: How to Identify Skills-Based Volunteers and Participants
Moderator: Patricia Budd, Wise Woman Wellness
-Akliah Charlemagne, SPHR, Director of Volunteer Services, Compassionate Care Hospice
-Chandra Farley, Special Projects Manager, Southface
-Cheryl Kortemeier, Executive Director, Corporate Volunteer Council of Atlanta

For the majority of nonprofits, budgetary constraints and limited access to expertise are key barriers to building organizational sustainability and impact. One strategy to address and close this gap is to leverage skills-based volunteers. Skills-based volunteering is leveraging the specialized skills and the talents of individuals to strengthen the infrastructure of nonprofits and help them build and sustain their capacity to successfully achieve their missions. This is in contrast to traditional volunteering, where specific training is not required. 

Skills-Based volunteering is an effective way to engage talent that otherwise cannot be afforded. In this panel discussion, participants will hear examples of successful skills-based volunteer programs and learn:
• The steps necessary to achieve organization readiness for skills-based volunteers?
• The characteristics of good skills-based volunteering projects
• The potential legal hazards in utilizing skills-based volunteers, and how to avoid them

12:45pm - 1:45pm
Raving Recruits – A System for Engaged Volunteerism

Speaker: Wesley Bender, Co-Founder, The Cause Driven Consulting Group, LLC

Most Nonprofit organizations are an anomaly when it comes to volunteerism. They typically have the highest number of volunteers working in the highest capacities of any organization yet they have the worst volunteer recruitment and retention strategies. Why is this? It’s usually pretty simple; the most difficult part of an organization looking for volunteers is creating a passion for the organization's cause. Simply put, volunteer motivation. In a nonprofit, the members are naturally motivated because of their feeling toward the cause a nonprofit fills in the community. They believe they 'should' and are compelled to do so because of a feeling of purpose or even guilt. So much so that they will look past bad systems and mistreatment in their volunteer acts for the organization. Imagine what an organization with healthy volunteer systems could accomplish. Participants will learn how to engage more high capacity volunteers gathered from Wesley’s experience in over half a decade working with the Metro Atlanta YMCA and other nonprofit organizations.

2:00pm - 3:00pm
Help to REDUCE Employment Law Risks

Speaker: Lori Shapiro, Esq., Employment Counsel, Pro Bono Partnership of Atlanta

This session will assist your organization to reduce its potential liability when faced with three of the most challenging employment law risks for nonprofit employers. It will examine the pitfalls associated with: (1) misclassification of employees, independent contractors, volunteers and interns; (2) claims of harassment, discrimination and retaliation; and (3) requests for accommodation and leave. It will provide practical advice in the form of a model designed to help you take steps in your workplace that will reduce these risks.

Learning Objectives:
1. Identifying employment law issues nonprofit organizations face in the workplace 
2. Knowing when to get help to address these employment law issues
3. Identifying steps you can take in your organization to reduce the risk created by these employment law issues

3:15pm - 4:15pm
Keys to Developing a Business Case to Ensure Funding and Enthusiastic Support for HR Initiatives
Speaker: Laura Lea Clinton, GPHR, Global Organization & Leadership Development Consultant, Equifax, Inc.

Making the case for key HR initiatives is a challenge, particularly within the financial constraints facing many non-profit organizations.  It is critical to get the support of senior executives and board members who hold the purse strings and determine how the precious dollars are allocated.  Learn how to develop and sell an effective business case that will ensure not only the initial approval, but also the ongoing support of your senior leaders in driving the success of your initiatives.  You will leave the session with a template you can use in presenting any business case for approval.
Learning objectives: 
1. The importance of linking HR initiatives to organizational purpose and business outcomes
2. Key strategic elements business leaders require before granting funding of any initiative
3. How develop and present business cases to senior leaders to gain support of HR initiatives