Business Acumen Sessions
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These sessions build the general business knowledge, judgment and awareness of HR practitioners ranging from the specialist/generalist to the mid-level manager to the seasoned leader. Specialist/generalist and mid-level professionals can develop and enhance their fundamental business literacy. Seasoned leaders can improve their decision making skills with the basis being a solid business knowledge foundation. HR professionals can also learn how their actions and decisions affect outcomes at the functional, unit, or organizational level.

Monday, April 28 | 2:00pm - 3:00pm
Leadership GPS - Goals People Systems
Speaker: Seth Davies, Competitive Solutions, Inc.

What is your organizational direction? Are you ready to emphasize growth over survival? Are you ready to demonstrate to your organizational leaders that they are vital and valuable? Are you ready to re-calibrate your organizational GPS? In this interactive presentation, participants will receive a lively overview of the four key elements necessary to create and sustain a high performance mentality and process throughout any organization. The presenter will focus strongly on the role of organizational leadership to create, emulate, communicate and reinforce the non-negotiable strategies necessary to sustain business success. This presentation will look at the real-world business challenges facing organizations today, as well as give participants a specific implementation methodology to begin practicing upon immediate return to the workplace.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Learn to drive business objectives down from the top-level management to the hourly employee
  2. Learn to establish expectations and auditing procedures to drive measurable results throughout the organization
  3. Learn to execute an action plan that directly impacts each echelon of the organization by holding people accountable for results within their realm of responsibility

Monday, April 28 | 2:00pm - 3:00pm | Business Management & Strategy credit
Lean HR: Applying Process Excellence to Your Practice
Speaker: Dwane Lay, Dovetail Software

Lean principles have been used for years in the manufacturing world, and have started to make an impact in the office as well. These tools can provide the foundation to building a systematic approach to improving your HR practice and lowering costs. In this session, we will review a sample structure for project generation, selection and governance. Additionally, we will apply these tools in an interactive session to create a list of potential actions attendees can use on their return to their organization. The intent is to provide a high level overview of the methodology, provide tools that can be taken and implemented, and provide experience applying the tools within the session.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Understand how the application of Lean principles can improve an HR function
  2. Review a selection of Lean tools to address idea generation and evaluation
  3. Discuss a structured approach to selecting and managing an HR project portfolio

Monday, April 28 | 11:45am - 12:45pm
Savvy Leadership Acumen
Speaker: Karla Brandau, Workplace Power Institute

Are charismatic leaders born or grown? The question has been asked for centuries. The truth is that no baby is born with silver leadership spoon in their mouth. Most anyone can become a charismatic leader if they work from their own leadership attributes, work to implement admirable traits they observe in others, and resist the urge to be a copy cat of a popular yet perhaps flamboyant individual. The engaging and charismatic leader has a brilliant comprehension of personal innate strengths and an intuitive discernment of the inner assets of team members and employees. This knowledge generates savvy leadership acumen and provides a powerful concentration of courage and fortitude in the face of the indomitable challenges of the 21st Century relationships. Navigating work relationships and forging ahead to increased organizational productivity with the full support of colleagues, team members, and employees is a phenomenally complex endeavor. In this session, Karla simplifies it for you and gives you real help, not just theory.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Identify their unique leadership strengths.
  2. Know the secrets to engaging their employees.
  3. Be the leader others will want to follow.

Tuesday, April 29 | 1:00pm - 2:00pm
Integrating Talent Management to Drive Business Outcomes

Speakers:  Shane Douthitt, Ph.D., Strategic Management Decisions & Scott Mondore, Strategic Management Decisions

Although organizations have evolved substantially in the variety and sophistication of their HR tools and processes, significant gaps remain between effective execution and bottom line impact. HR leaders often struggle to integrate existing talent management efforts – from performance management processes to employee surveys – and demonstrate the impact of such efforts on critical business outcomes. During this session, we will introduce our analytics-based approach to integrating core talent management strategies, identifying the key competencies, skills, experiences etc. that drive business outcomes, and building a strategic business case that transforms HR from a cost center to a profit center. Our integrated talent management scorecard will be provided to exemplify an easy-to-interpret format for translating data into actionable priorities and aligning the activities of leaders and employees across the organization to drive business results.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Link core HR processes to key business outcomes; calculate an ROI for HR processes.
  2. Integrate the key HR drivers of business outcomes into a unified dashboard for Senior Leaders, front-line managers, and staff.
  3. Build a compelling business case for investing in HR initiatives.

Monday, April 28 | 10:30am - 11:30am
Storytelling as a Business Strategy
Speakers: Ann Ashley, SPHR, The Biltmore Company & Chris Maslin, SPHR, The Biltmore Company

Every organization is looking for an edge in employee engagement. Biltmore has harnessed the power of connection through story to engage its workforce. This unique session will help you leverage the power of storytelling to drive business strategy and deliver a solid return on your human capital investment. Stories create a direct link between employees and the core values of the organization, bringing the DNA of a company to life.  Leading HR research shows that employees who internalize and live out an organization’s core values have longer tenure, deliver exceptional customer service, and maintain higher productivity levels than average employees. Join us for this inspirational program that will help you identify your organization's most powerful stories, communicate them to your employees and take your business to the next level.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Discover resources to identify your organization's unique story.
  2. Learn to use storytelling as a business strategy to create an emotional connection with your employees and embed core values
  3. Gain insight on how to effectively communicate your stories for maximum impact in alignment with your overarching employee engagement goals.

Tuesday, April 29 | 2:15pm - 3:15pm | Business Mangement & Strategy credit
Moving From Cost Center to Strategic Partner - HR Business Partner Series

Speakers: Clint Tripodi, The Pendolino Group & Kim Hiler, The Pendolino Group

Enhance your ability to be a strategic business partner and successfully make the shift from cost center to strategic partner. This skill-building workshop integrates best practices from strategic planning, HR consulting and visual planning methodologies, along with a thorough understanding of business drivers. You'll leave able to effectively leverage the financial and operational language of business to firmly establish a strategic leadership role.

Learning Objectives:

  1. During this session, we will analyze the distinction of cost center versus strategic order behaviours and practices
  2. We will evaluate the stages of evolution of the Human Resources profession and where we are headed next
  3. You will have the opportunity to create a practical foundation of transformative behviours resulting in the transformation of your HR career to strategic HR business partner

Tuesday, April 29 | 9:15am - 10:15am
Making Talent Analytics Business-focused and Practical for All Levels of Leadership

Speaker: Scott Mondore, Strategic Management Decisions

While analytics have certainly gained popularity, they have unfortunately pushed HR leaders to invent new metrics and create more reports & presentations. Adding more metrics can show more activity, but it does not show more impact. More reports just wastes HR’s time and also shows no business impact. This session will show HR leaders how to do analytics the right way—connecting people data to actual business outcomes and providing practical and actionable information to all of the leaders in their organization. Analytics can arm you with the information to help your organization make more money—pretty powerpoint presentations and more reports will not.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Implement a straightforward approach to connecting people data to business data
  2. Turn surveys, 360s and other assessment from box-checking activities into business drivers
  3. Create reports for all leaders that focus them on business drivers (not engagement scores) and provide actionable information.

Tuesday, April 29 | 8:00am - 9:00am | Business Management & Strategy credit
Software, Satisfaction and Success

Speaker: William Tincup, SPHR, Tincup & Co.

HR and Recruiting software vendors come in all shapes and sizes. For a moment, let's create a world of black and white where vendors are either terrific or horrific. Terrific vendors care deeply about users adopting their software. Horrific vendors take users for granted. Terrific vendors more than adequately train all users of their software. Horrific vendors create a profit center around the training of their software. Terrific vendors collaborate with practitioners to help mitigate change in their organization. Horrific vendors are clueless about change management. That's your problem. Terrific vendors create fair contacts with their clients. Horrific vendors don't. White is white, black is black. This session will explore the intrinsic relationship between: software, satisfaction and success. The session will be discussion based... so, bring a notepad... and an opinion.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Strategic understanding of HR software contracts and software contract negotiations
  2. Building a better business case for critical HR software applications
  3. Strategic understanding of software vendor selection both from a process and outcome perspective. 

Tuesday, April 29 | 10:45am - 11:45am
Come Together: HR's Role in Building a Collaborative Workplace

Speaker: Robin Schooling, SPHR, Silver Zebras, LLC

Collaboration is powerful and necessary for organizational survival and growth.  We can tap into the power of technology to encourage and optimize this very basic human interaction, but true impact is realized when we focus on attitude and behaviors. HR professionals are uniquely positioned to gain commitment from leaders and employees in order to guide change and transformation, manage innovation, and focus on maintaining a culture of inclusion and teamwork. We'll explore the skills and practices required for HR practitioners to lead collaborative efforts and drive business results by discussing (1) the 3 types of collaboration (2) the importance of organizational culture -- and how it can derail your efforts (3) the role of the CHRO and other Senior Leaders (4) effective ways to build active and effective cross-functional collaboration (5) tools and technologies that can support collaboration initiatives.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Provide a framework for understanding how collaboration across the enterprise allows HR professionals to be active and effective business partners
  2. Understand the critical business competencies HR professionals must have to drive major business initiatives through cross functional collaboration
  3. Develop actionable ways for HR professionals to improve capabilities by incorporating technology, cultural alignment, business objective alignment and strategic goals as well as ways to measure and report results

Monday, April 28 | 3:40pm - 4:40pm | Business Mangement & Strategy credit
Building a Culture of Innovation: Why HR Will Lead the Way
Speaker: Dan Stotz, Georgia State University

Now more than ever, organizations need courageous innovators and change-makers. This fast-paced and interactive session provides an overview of the key principles of business innovation. Attend this session and you will walk away with a deep understanding of how the process of innovation can create new business value and accelerate profitable growth. There will be an emphasis on how HR leaders at all levels can play a critical role in building a culture of innovation.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Develop a deep understanding of business innovation principles
  2. Utilize the Competing Values Framework to better understand organizational culture
  3. Learn how you can play a key role in building a culture of innovation

Monday, April 28 | 11:45am - 12:45pm | Business Management & Strategy credit
Harnessing the Power of Culture in Your Organization
Speaker: Michael Dombrowski, Herschend Family Entertainment

Culture is like the nuclear fusion of organizations, everyone knows it is extremely powerful, but leaders are unsure of how to harness this power.  Come hear more about how Stone Mountain Park went through a cultural transformation that led to significant improvements in employee and guest satisfaction and hear about how they successfully implemented initiatives that directly connect employee behavior with bottom line contribution.  You can go through an intentional and deliberate seven step process to change the culture within your organization and begin the transformation process.  As you successfully harness the power of culture within your organization, you can expect to produce higher employee satisfaction, higher customer satisfaction and higher profitability.  

Learning Objectives:

  1. To understand that culture can be intentional
  2. To know the specifics steps that can be taken to change culture
  3. To know how to measure if your culture is effective

Sessions and speakers are subject to change.

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