Global Sessions
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These sessions focus on human resource related activities with global reach. Topics may range from the challenges of leading global teams, cultural competency, to a look at labor law around the world, to the movement and management of a global workforce.

Tuesday, April 29 | 9:15am - 10:15am
Globalizing Atlanta

Speakers: Ricardo Hubler, Metro Atlanta Chamber of Commerce & Jorge Fernandez, Metro Atlanta Chamber of Commerce

From its very beginning, Atlanta has always been a center for commerce.  Especially since the 1996 Olympics, Atlanta has emerged as a global center for commerce.  However, we still face many challenges as we work to “globalize” Atlanta and keep our city and our companies competitive in today’s global economy.  One significant challenge has been Atlanta’ supply of globally-competent talent.  The Metro Atlanta Chamber is working to address this challenge and others through a three-pronged strategy to: 1) Recruit international companies to Atlanta, 2) Grow our local companies in international markets, and 3) Globalize our local talent pool.  Learn how you can contribute to the globalization of Atlanta.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Needs of international companies from Atlanta workforce
  2. Activities of MACOC
  3. International developments in Atlanta.

Monday, April 28 | 2:00pm - 3:00pm
Challenges of Global Leadership - Leadership Execution: The Global Challenge

Speakers: Len Rothman, Leadership At Work & Paula Swearingen, Goodwill of North Georgia

As organizations grow, expand and execute their Strategic Plan globally, there are critical implications for the HR professional.  The #1 challenge for leadership across the global is successful execution of their Strategic Plan. The #1 reason leaders fail to achieve their Strategic Plan is not the quality of the Strategic Plan; it’s the inability of people, the company’s most valuable asset, to execute well!  Human Resource can and must play the critical role of providing leadership with the competencies to execute successfully! Attracting selecting and retaining global talent is critical in globalization.  Fostering a culture of inclusion is tied to employee engagement and customer intimacy. Successful execution is achieved by developing the critical competencies in leadership. Corporate leaders need and expect HR to be out in front in these areas.  Learn how HR can best lead and support successful execution in a global environment.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Five Ways To Think Like an Inclusive Leader -- How HR Can Lead!
  2. Differentiate Leadership Competencies from Leadership Skills and Behaviors
  3. 4 Disciplines of Execution -- Applying The Technique for Global Success

Sessions and speakers are subject to change.

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