How to Get Started
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We've seen it time and time again - our # 1 way to attract and keep new SHRM-Atlanta members is YOU!

According to polling questions asked during the new member orientation webinar, the top reason people join SHRM-Atlanta is for the networking and community building opportunities, the more members we have the more valuable these experiences are for everyone. So let's keep growing!

As a member you know all about the value of your SHRM-Atlanta membership, and we appreciate your enthusiasm for your profession, and your dedication to help grow SHRM-Atlanta's membership. When talking about SHRM-Atlanta to future members, remember to focus on what's most important to them and their career path, and how SHRM-Atlanta membership can support them.

Tips to Get Started!

✔ Share your story! Every member has a story about why they’re a SHRM-Atlanta member, why did you join and why are you a SHRM-Atlanta member today?

✔ Provide examples of how being a SHRM-Atlanta member has positively impacted your professional and/or personal life.

✔ Ask questions about the career goals of your potential members, and based on their answers highlight the benefits that would most speak to them.This then becomes a conversation about solutions, and feels less like a sales pitch.

✔ Plan ahead and offer to email them a link to the member application on the website, or give them a hard-copy of the membership application. Make sure they know to include your name!

✔ Follow up – touch base and see if they have joined or have any additional questions. We all have busy lives, and this follow up can serve as a gentle reminder. If they did join then this is the perfect opportunity to welcome them to SHRM-Atlanta!

✔ Take the time to say thanks! Send them a short message thanking them for considering SHRM-Atlanta membership and supporting the HR profession. Invite them to an upcoming professional development opportunity to introduce them to other SHRM-Atlanta members.

Easy as 1, 2, 3

1. Make a list of potential SHRM-Atlanta members
2. Reach out to your potential members using the resources above
3. When they're ready to join ask them to include your name on the member application
4. Visit the recruiter’s form and let us know who you referred


Use the tools below to provide information to your potential new members, including: a one-page info sheet, membership application, referral cards, and friendly links to the SHRM-Atlanta website.

SHRM-Atlanta Member Benefits
Membership Application
Referral Cards


Give us a call and we'll be happy to help! 
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