VETs Initiative: Finding Qualified Veterans
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Hire-A-Veteran Partners

SHRM-Atlanta members often find it challenging to find qualified veterans.  The following organizations have partnered with SHRM-Atlanta to help source qualified Veterans. 

Finding qualified Veterans: Federal, State and Military Resources

SHRM-Atlanta VETs recommends that SHRM members go directly to these organizations to find qualified Veterans.  The following organizations’ primary mission is to serve veterans without cost to the veteran or companies seeking veterans.  The following organizations also have a complete understanding of veteran employment issues and are best suited to help HR professionals navigate the veterans employment landscape 


Finding Qualified Veterans or Opportunities for a Veteran – LinkedIn Resources

SHRM-Atlanta VETs has a LinkedIn webpage that veterans can use to post their LinkedIn profile.  SHRM-Atlanta members can find qualified veterans on this page 

Career Services for Companies and Veterans