2014 SHRM-Atlanta Symposium - Wellness Track PPTs
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Agenda & Sessions

Tuesday, August 26
9:30am - 10:30am
Creating a Culture of Well-Being: How Leadership, Inspiration and Engagement Work Together | Download PowerPoint
Speaker: Holly Firestine, ACSM HFS, Director, Wellness Programs, Healthways

Your organization’s culture plays an integral role in the success of your wellness programs. Think about it: it would be hard to encourage participation in noon yoga sessions, for example, if your leaders are expecting that employees work through lunch. Your organization may be unconsciously doing – or not doing – a number of things that undermine program outcomes, ultimately driving up healthcare costs and reducing on-the-job productivity. Join Holly Firestine, Director, Wellness Programs, at Healthways to learn more about the incredibly powerful relationship between corporate culture and employee well-being.

Learning Objectives:
1. Provide an overview of the evolution of wellness programs from a traditional focus on physical health to a broader goal of improving overall well-being
2. Discuss how your organization's culture has a significant impact on well-being
3. Share the foundational elements that build a culture of well-being
4. Show how a focus on well-being can have a positive impact on your business outcomes
5. Demonstrate the role of leadership – both at senior and front-line levels – in promoting well-being
6. Identify easy steps you can take right now to start creating a culture of well-being in your organization

10:45am - 11:45am
Wellness & Motivation: More Energy - Better Brain Function - A Better Attitude | Download PowerPoint

Speaker: Jeff Galloway, President, Jeff Galloway Productions

Regular aerobic exercise has many positive effects on the body and mind. Brain circuits are stimulated by activity, causing an overall improvement in attitude, an increase in energy and a heightened ability to manage stress. Combined with exercise, positive mantras and mental training techniques activate the conscious brain and allow one to manage stress by staying in the conscious brain. The same mental training that helps during exercise has far-reaching benefits during the workday and when confronting life's challenges. Beyond the individual, exercising (in a smart way that avoids aches and pains) with others allows one to build a unique sense of teamwork. Putting these elements together - mental training, gentle aerobic exercise, and the power of the group - in an environment that promotes nutrition and fat burning without starving oneself, puts you in control of your day, your week, your year!

12:45pm - 1:45pm
Best Practices, and What to Avoid, in Establishing an Employee Wellness Plan | No PowerPoint Available
Moderator: Jack Curtis, Founder & CEO, Corporate Health Partners
-Kay Bolick, Director of HR, City of Smyrna
-Deanna Mills, Manager, Employee Wellness & Community Relations, APCO - Automobile Protection Corporation
-Raymond White, Territory Sales Representative, Whitehead & Associates

Consisting of HR and Employee Wellness Leaders, this panel will explore how to start and create an employee wellness program. Panelists will share best practices and lessons learned in the journey to adopting and implementing employee wellness. Our panel of experts and practitioners will share experiences from organizations of various sizes, each with unique challenges and conditions.

2:00pm - 3:00pm
The Business Case for Creating a Culture of Wellness | Download PowerPoint
Speakers: Latonia McGinnis, Wellness Manager, Racetrac Petroleum & Jamie Benton, Director, Total Rewards, Racetrac Petroleum

Learn how RaceTrac Petroleum, Inc. made a business case and continues to create a culture of wellness in a uniquely diverse retail environment. Hear from a senior leader on how wellness is sold laterally and to the C-suite, why wellness is important from a culture perspective and how you can engage senior leadership in wellness. You will also learn about the execution and unique wellness programming from RaceTrac’s wellness manager.  

Learning objectives:
1. How to make a business case for wellness to C-Suites
2. How to engage employees in wellness programming
3. How to identify and overcome barriers to communication 

3:15pm - 4:15pm
Do Recent Legal Changes Help You or Hurt You in Incentivizing Wellness? | Download PowerPoint

Speaker: Wes Stockard, Shareholder, Littler

Wellness programs can be wonderful things for employers and employees.  However, the law keeps making it a challenge to create effective programs that can withstand potential legal scrutiny.  You now have to deal with new ACA developments, more ADA issues, the applicability of privacy laws such as HIPAA and the continued, awkward position of the EEOC regarding wellness.  Court cases are around the corner and they may help clarify all this, but what should you be doing in the meantime?

Learning Objectives:
1. Learn the newest legal developments regarding wellness plans
2. Evaluate how best to orient and guide your program in light of recent ACA, ADA and other concerns
3. Consider what is likely to happen next to better protect your program from legal risk