eMagazine Article Submission

Are you interested in submitting an article for The SHRM-Atlanta Connection, our members-only eMagazine? Read below for submission instructions and details on what we look for in an article.


Article Overview

Articles submitted for consideration should be of interest to HR professionals. We like articles that introduce new ideas and advance conversations around topics and trends that engage our readers. We appreciate lively, polished writing that balances research or news with fun and memorable anecdotes or examples that help illustrate your point of view.

While we encourage drawing from your own experiences in business to support your ideas, over-the-top self-promotion (of yourself or your company) will prevent us from publishing your article. Also, please do not send pitches, abstracts, outlines, press releases, or interview offers.

SHRM-Atlanta prefers submissions from contributors who are leaders in and knowledgeable about relevant HR topics, such as: career development, internships, recruiting, culture, employment law, business, strategic management, leadership development, technology, compensation and benefits, talent management, diversity, work-life issues and more. 

To get an idea of the types of stories SHRM-Atlanta publishes, please click here to view previous issues of The SHRM-Atlanta Connection.

We are open to accepting submissions for all topics related to the HR industry, however below you will find our editorial calendar noting the theme for each issue, if you feel that you have an article that would fit with a specific issue:

  • Jan/Feb 2018: Lifelong Learning/Education
  • March/April 2018: Volunteerism
  • May/June 2018: Membership 
  • July/August 2018 Future of the HR profession
  • Sept/Oct 2018: HR in ATL
  • Nov/Dec 2018: Gratefulness

Submission Guidelines

  • Submitted articles must be 600-900 words. 
  • You must be a current SHRM-Atlanta member to submit an article.
  • Please send your article in Word Doc format; no PDF or Notepad files.
  •  Please no pitches, abstracts, outlines, press releases, or interview offers.
  • Submissions are reviewed on a bimonthly basis for each issue.

How To Submit

Send an email of your complete article (in Word Doc format) to newsletter@shrmatlanta.org.


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For stories we do choose to publish:

  • All articles are subject to editing.
  • Headlines and subheads are subject to change.
  • Content may be edited for style, tone, or substance.
  • Links may be added for context.
  • Art will be added at the discretion of SHRM-Atlanta staff.