2011 August Chapter Meeting
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Why Your Employees Have Gone Mad: And the 5 Steps Back To Sanity
Tuesday, August 30, 2011 | 4:00pm - 7:30pm | Cobb Galleria Centre

”Have it your way” … “You be the boss” … “Just do it”:  Your employees are bombarded with ideas that suggest that they are in control, and there are no consequences for bad behavior.  

So it is no surprise that many of them come to work and expect to have the workplace bend to their every command.  This humorous presentation will detail what employers can do to help their employees find their way back from the edge … and restore their commitment to contribution and productivity. 

We will explain why mediocrity has invaded the workplace and how to challenge it … and how to detect “Excuse Abuse” and force employees to take responsibility for themselves.  Dennis Davis’ satire will reveal some very valuable takeaways!

Speaker: Dennis A. Davis, Ph.D., Ogletree Deakins

Dr. Dennis Davis is the Director of Client Training for Ogletree Deakins.  Dr. Davis is a dynamic and experienced speaker. He developed the BEHAVIORAL RISK MANAGEMENT PROGRAM™, intended to help organizations reduce the risk and exposure of inappropriate behavior in the workplace, and HR ON-LINE™, a web-based supplement to Human Resources departments.  

Dr. Davis is a nationally recognized expert in the areas of Violence in the Workplace, Professional Interaction, Conflict Resolution, Sexual Harassment, and Cultural Diversity.  He has conducted extensive Behavioral Risk Management training for university personnel, government agencies, and private corporations across the United States.  In addition, Dr. Davis is the author of many articles on workplace violence, as well the widely acclaimed violence handbook titled, Threats Pending, Fuses Burning: Managing Workplace Violence. Dr. Davis holds a Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology.

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