2011 February Chapter Meeting
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Controlling Costs Now and in the Future
Thursday, February 10, 2011 | 4:00pm - 7:30pm | Cobb Galleria Centre

The healthier people are, the more productive they are – and the more they can contribute to the performance of your organization. If you can keep people healthy, your organization will benefit from lower expenses, higher employee output and higher earnings. Investments in health improvement, along with employee incentives, reduce the production of  – and destruction from – disease. When you have less disease in your population, your total costs are lower. When employees have incentives, they make different decisions regarding their health and healthcare purchasing.

Learn about a broad array of highly effective solutions – proven to help individuals make the changes necessary to improve their health, reduce disease and lower costs. Now and in the future.

Speaker: John Young, CIGNA

John Young is Vice President, Consumerism for CIGNA Healthcare.  John serves as a primary resource for driving CIGNA's consumer driven health strategy through national mid-market sales and service regions.  John has 26 years of employee benefits industry experience, with 10 years devoted to consumer driven healthcare.  He was a founder of Consumer Driven Marketing, which served as the mid-market distribution system for Definity Health.  Operating as regional director and sales leader, John also served as technical lead for the division.  John also served as office head of Great-West Healthcare in Minneapolis as well as their national consumer driven health expert.   John also was Vice President of Employee Benefit Consulting divisions of Marsh and Sedgwick Noble Lowndes. 

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