2018 SHRM-Atlanta IMPACT Award Nomination Form


Thank you for your nomination for the 2018 SHRM-Atlanta IMPACT Award. Please fill out the following form with the required information (or upload your responses where directed). All nominations are due by January 19, 2018.

All applications will be carefully reviewed and if chosen, will be asked  to submit a supplemental application to provide additional supporting information.

Please describe how your nominee(s) demonstrated a significant IMPACT to their organization or to their community, highlighting how they stand out among other Human Resources professionals.

HINT: Your answer should reflect significant contributions through IMPACT: Innovation, Motivation, Performance, Achievement, Creativity, or Transformation.
Use specific examples of the work and how it has delivered IMPACT, OR, demonstrated strong leadership and motivational skills across the organization, OR, demonstrated significant performance impact on productivity, profitability, revenue, market share, or community outcomes.

HINT: Demonstrated impact by introducing innovative or creative solutions to solve complex business challenges, OR, that led to transformational impact within the organization.