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Making the Most of Your SHRM-Atlanta Membership

What led me to SHRM-Atlanta 15 years ago? That’s an interesting question. As I reflect back on my days as a young HR professional, I was seeking ways to enhance my education, to further my career and develop strong relationships with other HR professionals. I shyly found my way into my first chapter meeting, not knowing anyone and found myself at a table with 7 other HR professionals and, lo and behold, a meaningful conversation evolved. I felt a commonality with my peers around me and said to myself, “this is a community of professionals that I will benefit from.” By attending the annual conference, chapter meetings and many other events throughout the year, opportunities for learning and professional relationships abounded.  

Over the years, my focus began to change; in addition to honing my HR skills, I wanted to grow as a leader and develop the competencies that would take me to the next level in my career. SHRM-Atlanta provided me with the path to make that happen by offering intentional professional development and continuing leadership development opportunities. By embracing these opportunities, I was able to foster my development as a business leader and propel my career forward.  

So, how can you make the most of your SHRM-Atlanta membership? 

As part of SHRM-Atlanta Leadership, I am committed to providing quality educational programs and opportunities for connections that you’ll need to maximize your potential. I highly encourage you to leverage your SHRM-Atlanta membership to your maximum benefit and take full advantage of all that we offer. What a fabulous growth opportunity on so many levels!

Take action today. Seek out connections. Seek out learning. Seek out opportunities to get involved. Seek out leadership development. Be part of our great community – we are glad you are here!

I look forward to seeing you at many SHRM-Atlanta events soon!


Lisa Hughes

2016 - 2017 SHRM-Atlanta President

On behalf of:

Christine Browning, President Elect
Barbara Bell-Dees, EVP of Member Relations
Mark Myette, EVP of Signature Initiatives
Karen Hilton, EVP of Volunteer Leadership
Dwight Thompson, EVP of Professional Development