Assessment Resource Center
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Introducing the SHRM-Atlanta Assessment Resource Center

SHRM-Atlanta has partnered with the Performance Assessment Network (PAN) to help our members improve their hiring, retention, employee development, and leadership outcomes. 

With access to PAN’s multi-publisher catalog, SHRM-Atlanta’s Assessment Center provides you with industry-leading assessment technology, 500+ of the world’s best assessments at your fingertips, and critical advice to help you measure personality, job fit, and hundreds of aptitudes and skills that will unify your hiring, retention, development and leadership programs.

Ready to get started?

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🔒Note: The SHRM-Atlanta Assessment Center is available for SHRM-Atlanta members only.  To access this link, please log into your SHRM-Atlanta account.  


Assessment Center Benefits

The SHRM-Atlanta Assessment Center allows you to:

  • Browse the catalog using a variety of parameters
  • Access sample reports and explanations for individual assessments
  • Purchase and assign assessments from multiple publishers
  • Build repeatable workflows to be more efficient
  • View results
  • Create custom reports
  • Build and manage custom assessments


Additionally, the SHRM-Atlanta Assessment Center and its talent measurement consulting team provides support for:

  • Choosing assessments to hire, develop, retain, and upskill your workforce
  • Implementing and administering assessments using our proven, best-in-industry technology and software
  • Supporting full compliance with EEO, OFCCP, and other regulatory requirements
  • Creating custom solutions including proprietary tests, job analyses, structured interview questions, and more with our expert talent measurement consultants
  • Demonstrating business ROI in assessments and other processes with comprehensive outcome studies