Member Types

What type of membership is right for you? 

Among our 2,000+ members, we have a variety of membership types to choose from. Please see the descriptions below to determine which type of membership is right for you. And don't forget to check out all the great member benefits you can take advantage of once you join! 

When you are ready to join, be sure to select the appropriate membership type to help speed up your application. 

HR Practitioner Membership ($149)

 HR Practitioners are members whose current professional employment and primary career interest is in the field of HR management. This type is right for you if your primary job function is human resources, as either a generalist or specialist.  Also, faculty members of colleges and universities who hold assistant, associate or full professor rank in HR management or any of its specializations are qualified for HR Practitioner Membership. This classification also includes recent college graduates and persons pursuing career changes to Human Resources. HR Practitioner Members have the right to vote and hold elective office in the Chapter.

Affiliate Membership ($149)

 This type of membership is right for you if you are a professional who currently works for a company that sells products, services or consulting to HR professionals, or if your job title or primary function is not directly in HR. Major classifications include: HR consultants, HR service providers and attorneys. Affiliate Members have the right to vote and hold elective office in the Chapter.

Student Membership ($35)

This type of membership is right for you if you are a full-time university or college student (enrolled for 6 hours or more*) or belong to a chartered SHRM Student Chapter.  Once you are no longer a student, you must convert to a regular membership.  Student Members may participate in Chapter activities and are eligible to vote. Student Members may not hold Chapter office. *Students must provide proof of full time enrollment. To apply for student membership, please submit one of the following: proof of enrollment, tuition receipt, class schedule, student ID. All student member renewals must be processed through the SHRM-Atlanta Office. To submit proof of enrollment and/or to renew, please call 404-442-7335 or send via email to


Job Transition Members

 This type of membership is right for you if you are an HR professional who is unemployed and already a SHRM-Atlanta member. If you find yourself in this situation, your membership may be extended for six months at no cost. To request the job transition membership, contact or call 404-442-7335. Job Transition members are expected to contact SHRM-Atlanta when they become employed and to convert their free membership to a paid membership. Job transitional members do not receive a complimentary first chapter meeting or free access to HR360. *Please allow up to 24 business hours for your membership to be approved and activated.


Chapter membership is on an individual basis only and not transferable from one individual to another. Membership in other SHRM-affiliated chapters is not transferable to SHRM-Atlanta. Chapter membership is contingent on the timely payment of annual dues. Annual dues are non-refundable. Membership expires 12 months from the date of activation and is renewable yearly on/or before the member's anniversary date.

If I join SHRM-Atlanta, am I also joining SHRM (the national organization)? 

Although SHRM-Atlanta and SHRM are affiliated, SHRM-Atlanta is independently operated and a separate organization.

Membership in SHRM-Atlanta and SHRM are separate, and independent of one another. Dues for SHRM-Atlanta are not included with your national membership and vice versa.

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