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SHRM-Atlanta is committed to fighting racism, injustice, and inequality by equipping our members with the space, tools, and resources you need to navigate conversations, situations, and scenarios.

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SHRM-Atlanta Connect

"HR's Role in Racial Equality" Community  - SHRM-Atlanta Connect is our members-only online community where you can take part in discussions, share information and resources, and get feedback. The "HR's Role in Racial Equality" community is specifically dedicated to how HR will help impact change in the fight for racial equality and social justice.

Online Discussions

SHRM-Atlanta Online Discussions  - SHRM-Atlanta Online is a small-group video chat with other members where you can come together for open dialogue. Upcoming sessions of SHRM-Atlanta Online are focused on how HR can help impact change in the fight for racial equality. It is a safe space to share, listen and learn.


These resources are not inclusive of all the valuable material available. We will be adding additional resources to the SHRM-Atlanta Connect Library as they become available.

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