About SHRM-Atlanta


SHRM-Atlanta is the premier professional community for those in Human Resources and people management. Our mission is to empower Atlanta’s HR professionals and people managers to create best-in-class Atlanta workforces and workplaces by enhancing their HR skills and knowledge, developing their business acumen, and increasing their leadership capacity.

SHRM-Atlanta is proudly affiliated with the national Society for Human Resource Management, and our 2,000+ members include Professional Practitioners, Professional Consultants, Faculty, Attorneys, Professional Associates, Students, and Honorary members who represent more than 1,300 businesses in Metro-Atlanta of all sizes.

Four Pillars

SHRM-Atlanta's mission and commitment to our members is anchored by four key Pillars. These Pillars provide the guiding star for all that we do:

1. Fostering Community

Be a part of something bigger.  Our first pillar is about fostering community and connections – helping our members be a part of something bigger than their own role, department or company.  We welcome new and future members into our family and connect them immediately with other professionals, provide ample opportunities for relationship building and networking at every educational program, facilitate mentor/mentee relationships and meaningful dialogue among our members, and offer opportunities to give back to the community at large through volunteerism and community service.  Our strength is with the collective brainpower of our membership, and our goal is to foster relationships that will last a lifetime.

2. Promoting Professional Development

Develop in your career. SHRM-Atlanta is committed to providing high-value educational and professional development opportunities and as such, continuously redesign our offerings to ensure we are delivering on our promise to help our members grow in their career and increase value to their business.    We have created intentional development tracks for Rising Leaders and Accomplished Leaders, in addition to offering a variety of educational programs and program formats designed to help HR professionals and people managers wherever they are in their HR career – early career to senior executive – further develop their HR skills and competencies, business acumen and leadership capacity.  Beyond educational programming, we also provide professional development opportunities through mentorship programs, special interest forums, highlighting best-practices and skills-based volunteerism.  Finally, SHRM-Atlanta works to continuously curate innovative HR tools and resources that enable and empower our members.

3. Celebrating Excellence in Human Resources

Be celebrated: As a community of HR professionals and people managers, we want to help our members be celebrated, enhance their (and their company’s) professional brand, and create visibility for – and inspire best practices in others –initiatives that have further enhanced the HR profession and positively impacted business results.  In addition to celebrating individual and collective success by promoting various HR awards and recognition programs, we also celebrate our members’ promotions, HR Certification attainment, new positions, and other achievements throughout the year. 

4.  Advancing Thought Leadership

Drive thought leadership:  SHRM-Atlanta is committed to connecting our members to local and national thought leaders, while highlighting new and innovative thinking, to empower each member to bring new thought leadership to, and promote positive change within, their own organizations.


Organizational Structure

SHRM-Atlanta employs full-time paid staff that work in collaboration with a Volunteer Leadership team of over 120 volunteer leaders that help to run the business of SHRM-Atlanta. Our organizational structure consists of:

  • Board of Directors: comprised of 7 – 11 outside Directors – specifically senior HR Practitioners and HR Consultants – that are the governing body and hold fiduciary responsibility for SHRM-Atlanta’s business operations.
  • CEO and full-time employees:  comprised of the Director of Membership, Director of Educational Programs, Director of Marketing, Director of Business Development and the Member Operations Manager, each employee has expertise in their respective areas to augment the Human Resources expertise of our Volunteer Leaders.  The CEO reports directly to the Board Executive Committee.
  • Volunteer Leadership Team: comprised of the President, President-elect, Executive Vice Presidents of each organizational area, and over 35 sub-committees led by committee Chairs.  The President reports directly to the CEO. 


SHRM-Atlanta Programs and Initiatives

All programs and initiatives feed into one or more of the Four Pillars: Fostering Community, Promoting Professional Development, Celebrating Excellence in HR, and Advancing Thought Leadership.

Educational Programs

The Educational Programming team looks to provide programming in a variety of formats, including conferences, workshops, seminars, summits, hour presentations, panel discussions, and on-line webinars. Programs for 2019 include:

  • Conferences:  SOAHR is our 2-day annual conference in the spring, and the Symposium is our annual 1-day symposium in the fall.
  • Summits: Various ½ day summits focused on specific topic areas; 2019 Summits will include a Legal Summit(s) and potentially others TBD.
  • Featured Events Programs:  Two large Chapter meetings per year, one in June and one in December, as well as two smaller Chapter educational programs within the alternate quarters.
  • Rising Leaders (formerly Young Professionals) Programs:  a series of educational programs designed specifically for Gen-Y/Z/Millennial HR professionals.
  • Certification Exam Review Courses: Spring and Fall instructor-led, multi-day courses to prepare participants to take the SHRM certification exam.
  • HR Essentials Courses:  Spring and Fall instructor-led, multi-day course that provides an introductory overview of key HR topics and the fundamental issues surrounding HR.
  • Educational Webinars:  Educational webinars on a variety of topics sourced by the Education Programs team.
  • Hosted Webinars:  Hosted educational webinars by our Resource Partners in various topic areas.

Additional Professional Development Programs

In addition to educational programs, professional development opportunities are threaded throughout the many volunteer team focus areas, and include:

  • Networking Socials: Events organized by the Member Engagement team (e.g. Conversations that Count) that are offered throughout the year and designed to facilitate community and sharing of best practices.
  • Skills-based Community Volunteer opportunities: “Team SHRM-Atlanta” Volunteer opportunities organized by the Workforce Readiness teams that enable HR professionals to volunteer alongside their peers and support SHRM-Atlanta’s strategic community partners.
  • SHRM-Atlanta Volunteer Leadership Team opportunities:  Managed by the Organizational Effectiveness team, SHRM-Atlanta members can gain valuable leadership skills by volunteering on one of SHRM-Atlanta Volunteer Leadership teams as they help run the business of SHRM-Atlanta.
  • Awards and Recognition opportunities: Led by the Awards & Recognition team, SHRM-Atlanta members are connected to various awards and recognition programs to recognize, highlight and celebrate individual accomplishments as well as best practices in HR. SHRM-Atlanta has partnered with the Atlanta Business Chronicle on an annual HR awards program – the HR Excellence Awards – to be held in June.  Multiple award categories will highlight best practices and provide an opportunity for SHRM-Atlanta to develop additional educational programs highlighting winners.
  • Scholarships: Led by the Scholarships and Fundraising team, SHRM-Atlanta members are eligible to apply for various scholarship opportunities from the SHRM-Atlanta Scholarship Fund, SHRM Foundation Scholarships, and others TBD to further their professional development.
  • Mentoring Community: New for 2019, this is a program that connects young HR professional SHRM-Atlanta members to more senior SHRM-Atlanta member Mentors to help further their development and careers.
  • HR Helping HR:  Events and activities geared toward those who are seeking HR employment opportunities in the greater-Atlanta area – whether because they are students entering their HR career for the first time, changing careers into HR, HR professionals who have recently moved to Atlanta from another city, or HR professionals that are in transition or seeking new HR opportunities.
  • Accomplished Leaders Exchange: a quarterly series of invitation-only exchanges, catered exclusively to accomplished HR leaders. Qualified HR executives meet with high-caliber, like minded peers to engage and gain unbiased advice from those who’ve faced and overcome similar challenges.
  • Special Interest Forums (TBD):  Various opportunities to convene groups with common interests throughout the year (either in-person or online) for sharing of knowledge and best practices.  Forums may include informal “Lunch and Learn” opportunities and/or on-line communities/discussion forums.


SHRM-Atlanta Key Facts

  • Founded in 1965, SHRM-Atlanta is an independent non-profit association incorporated in the State of Georgia and operates under section 501(c)6 of the Internal Revenue code.
  • SHRM-Atlanta is an Affiliate of, and one of 575 local Chapters of, SHRM National. We are one of only 18 Super-Mega Chapters (defined as > 1,000 members) and have over 2,000 members. We are the only Super-Mega in Georgia with the next largest Chapter in Savannah at ~300 members.
  • Membership with SHRM-Atlanta is separate from membership with SHRM national; ~51% of SHRM-Atlanta members are also SHRM national members.
  • SHRM-Atlanta membership types:
    • 73%      Professional Practitioners and Professional Consultants, Attorneys, and Faculty
    • 14%      Professional Associates
    • 9%        Students
    • 3%        Job Transition
  • Business representation: ~1,300 local businesses/organizations
    • 19%      <100 employees
    • 26%      101- 999 employees
    • 14%      1,000 – 4,999 employees
    • 6%        5,000 – 10,000 employees
    • 15%      10,000+ employees
    • 21%      n/a